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1st Place

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Once allows you to create a circle of your family & friends (11 people max) where you are gonna deposit an amount every month and it will go to a different member of the circle each month. So the last month where no one gets the money it will be use to bring the circle together in a party or they can donate the amount to a charity of their choice.

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Runners up

#YOLO for a Cause

2nd Place

You will dare your friends to do something and commit to donate to a charity chosen by whoever completes the dare. People already do crazy stuff and share them on the internet, why not back them up for good causes!

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3rd Place

CodeTogether is a website facilitating the organization of national hack-a-thons providing organizers the ability to reach out to sponsors and for hackers to build a hacking passport.

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2013 Highlights

What do you get when you mix talented hackers, lots of energy drinks and great fun? Check out what went down during the 2013 inaugural BattleHack series.

2013 Finals

Ten teams from ten different regions at the World Finals in Silicon Valley, battling it out for the title of Ultimate Hacker for Good.

Tel Aviv Highlights

The 2014 season starts in Tel Aviv, the first city to see the return of Battle Hack.

Miami Highlights

We were back in Miami for the second time.



Jonathan LeBlanc

Jonathan LeBlanc

Global Head of Developer Evangelism PayPal
Jonathan LeBlanc

Rey Bango

Director of Developer Relations Telerik
Jonathan LeBlanc

Wifredo Fernandez

CEO/Co-Founder The LAB Miami
Jonathan LeBlanc

Ernie Hsiung

Code For Miami
Jonathan LeBlanc

Alex de Carvalho

Regional Development Director Constant Contact

The World Finals

San Francisco

San Jose, CA

Everything you loved about BattleHack, but with even more grit and glory. A true global competition where the City Champions face off, compete, conquer and claim $100,000 USD and the title of The Ultimate Hackers For Good.

Paypal USA HQ

2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131