Create an app that helps solve a local problem
For example: help charities match donors, improve public transportation planning.

First Battle: Conquer Your City

Here's your shot to become national hack heroes. Create a killer app to help your city, get plenty of cool giveaways, tech toys, food, and beer.

Win your city, represent your country, and march straight to our World Finals. Earn the respect of your countrymen because you are now their Ultimate Hacker.

Final Battle: The World Finals

Your Code. Our Globe. The Battle to end all Battles. Will you win The Biggest Hack Prize In History? No theme, no limitations.

Best Team + Best App = $100,000 USD prize.

Money. Glory for Your Country. And the title of the World's Ultimate Hackers For Good.

And did we mention there's an axe trophy?

Interested in BattleHack Berlin?

We are not quite open for registration yet. Leave us your details and we will let you know when tickets will be available.

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Saturday June 21st
9:00am Doors open
10:30am Intro talks
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Hacking starts
5:30pm Dinner
Sunday June 22nd
8:00am Breakfast
1:00pm Hacking ends
2:00pm Presentations start
4:00pm Awards ceremony
5:00pm Doors close

Kiss my Axe!

A chance to help your community and a shot at a $100k USD Grand Prize? No brainer! An epic axe trophy on top of that? Done and DONE!

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The Prizes

5th prize

Axe Trophy

Yes it's long. Yes it's sharp. And Yes, You will OWN this. Good Luck Clearing Customs.

1st prize

1st prize

Flight and Hotel to the World Finals in Silicon Valley, and winning the grand prize of $100,000 USD, no strings attached.

2nd prize

2nd prize

We won't be able to help with lag, but you can get your game on with one of the newest and most immersive gaming consoles currently available.

3rd prize

3rd prize

Impatient shutter-bugs, look no further: capture and print your hacking awesomeness within seconds

4th prize

Early Birds

While we can't actually make you a Jedi, we'll give the first 25 hackers in the door a Leap Motion Controller, which gets you *this close* to actual mind control.

Win Your City. Conquer the World Finals and $100,000 USD.
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2013 Highlights

What do you get when you mix talented hackers, lots of energy drinks and great fun? Check out what went down during the 2013 inaugural BattleHack series.

2013 Finals

Ten teams from ten different regions at the World Finals in Silicon Valley, battling it out for the title of Ultimate Hacker for Good.

Tel Aviv Highlights

The 2014 season starts in Tel Aviv, the first city to see the return of Battle Hack.

Miami Highlights

We were back in Miami for the second time.


The World Finals

San Francisco

San Jose, CA

Everything you loved about BattleHack, but with even more grit and glory. A true global competition where the City Champions face off, compete, conquer and claim $100,000 USD and the title of The Ultimate Hackers For Good.

Paypal USA HQ

2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131

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Select your city from the list. Registration is open 24/7. All nationalities regardless of city location are welcomed. May the best hack team advance.

BattleHacks are full of 24+ hours of awesome stuff. In general, on Day 1 registration opens, you arrive, scope and share skills, create teams, meet judges, and then hacking begins. Add food, food and more food all the way till day 2. You hack thru the night, grab a nap, beer break, maybe even a massage, and on Day 2, we have more hacking, more food, until hacking ends around noon. Then judging begins & prizes are awarded.
Check your BattleHack City's registration page for specific timeline details.

Yes, though we have a limit of 4 members per team. You can bring your friends or you can team up with other hackers on site. No matter what you choose, be ready to battle!

Glory! Fame! And oh yeah, you get some other good stuff. Your entire team will win flight and hotel accomodations to our World Finals in Silicon Valley!

All breeds of code welcome.

No, this puppy is yours, born and bred from BattleHack love. BattleHack is for you to have some fun, do some good -- and have a chance to win $100k.

We may add more cities as the year progresses, so please check back and see if your city is chosen!

Of course! First and formost is that the first prize winner of each city will get to go to the World Finals with a chance to win $100.000 USD. Fear not, there are fun local prizes for runner ups as well. And of course, there is the epic axe trophy, there's that.

Expect to stay overnight, so bring whatever you need to get you through a 24 hour hack fest. We'll provide some sleep spaces for those who need to crash or when the energy drink starts to ebb. Remember you are in a public forum, so do cover up.

Win a City Battle Hack. Get flown, fed and cared for at our World Finals. Beat all other City Champions with code that impresses everyone on the planet. Be crowned the Ultimate Hackers For Good.